25 home sales in Wilton, six over $1M

Wilton real estate starts December with 25 home sales.

Wilton real estate starts December with 25 home sales.

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The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from Nov. 20 to Dec. 3.

8 Wilton Woods Road: Jilly and Son LLC to Juan R. Santos Jr. and Norma M. Lopez, $795,000.

20 Grey Rocks Road: David C. and Deborah Z. Worley to F. Martinez Garcia and Nicolas De Rycker, $980,000.

40 Antler Lane: John A. Kaczmarczyk III to Laura M. and Mary A. Asquino, $619,000.

78 Boulder Brook Road: Ronald D. Pieter Tiche to Weining Gao and Erin Harleton, $860,000.

5 Great Rocks Place: Joan M. Roman to Ryan Joseph and Katherine Rachel Faroni, $710,000.

285 Belden Hill Road: James P. and Elizabeth A. Murphy to Stanley M. Buchesky, $1,105,000.

306 Danbury Road Unit 9: William A. and Sandra H. Hogan to John and Cecilia Murray, $710,000.

132 Old Kings Highway: OKH LLC to Lulu Associates LLC, $1,015,000.

3 Wakefield Road: Luis P. and Miriam E. Garcia to Nicolas Stanichev and Ivanka Hadjiyska, $545,000.

500 Ridgefield Road: Glenn E. and Jennifer C. Mincey to Justin and Erin Tishman, $500,000.

30 Chessor Lane: Akop and Narine Karayan to Timothy Hoff and Christopher R. Casola, $810,000.

42 Raymond Lane: Susan F. Luse to Alexei Druzhinin and Tatiana Voitkevich, $1,400,000.

67 Signal Hill Road: David Audi to Johannes J. Wernke and Erika N. Schaeffer, $899,000.

211 Branch Brook Road: Cheryll D. Hadley to Michael L. and Michael Jennifer Ward Healy, $790,000.

421 Thayer Pond Road: Loretta E. Foley to Liam and Jessica Cooney, $1,075,000.

87 Olmstead Hill Road: Kenneth J. Dartley Revocable Trust to Alexander Gaston and James Dwyer, $740,000.

51 Hurlbutt Street: Lawrence M. Reid to Regina and Brian McGough, $960,000.

32 Wilson Crest: Carol A. Comiskey to Yutao Mei, $415,000.

9 Laurel Lane: Raymond and Florence DiGiorgio to Gregory and Hailey Heins, $940,000.

2 Spruce Meadow Court: Jason Thomas and Megan McWeeney Morris to Stone Mountain Circle LLC, $1,550,000.

17 Bayberry Lane: Frederick and Sandra Muschler to Daniel Lota, $592,000.

129 Valeview Drive: HL Homes LLC to Alyse and Joshua Sullivan, $854,000.

144 Linden Tree Road: John and Mischelle Choinski Jr. to Shaveta and Kulwinder Gill, $1,725,000.

98 Old Belden Hill Road: Manya Sandler Anderone to Genna Murry and Daniel Eldridge, $830,000.

14 Stewart Lane: Brett and Claudia Coltman to John Emil and Renee Anderson, $715,000.