WILTON — The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from July 9 through July 22.

89 Musket Ridge Road: Flavia M. Callari to John L. Gallagher and Kelly Marin Brown, $825,000.

159 Rivergate Drive: Theresa R. Lynn to Christopher Dowling, $535,800.

12 Brandon Circle: James and Nancy Liptrot to Jonathan and Jennifer White, $1,300,000.

137 Sturges Ridge Road: Patrick L. Cropper to John Muth and Maite Cubilette, $857,000.

181 Spoonwood Road: Jerry M. and Adrianne Yarosh Meyer to Aaron and Rachel St. John, $640,000.

10 Brandon Circle: Matthew P. and Mary Jo Duffy to Joohyun Andrew Kim and Mikyung Jeung, $1,210,000.

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33 Westport Road: Christopher H. Dyson to Leigh Abear and Marios Peripanos, $457,000.

49 Liberty Street: Robert P. Walsh and Nancy Jack to Jon and Jennifer L. Moon, $810,000.

276 Rivergate Drive: Pablo B. Futos and Jennifer S. White to David Roman Jr. and Jessica L. Herrold, $539,049.

11 Wilton Crest #11: Christine Titus to Nicole Rivera, $425,000.

Cavalry Road Wilton/Weston: Richard and Emi P. Pollack to Jeffrey and Carly Samuels, $4,661. (Portion of property in Wilton)

481 Danbury Road: HAAPS Real Estate, Inc. to WASS Group LLC, $410,000.

1 East Wind Lane: Bryan and Christine Dedrick to Francis and Jane Hagerty, $1,095,000.

46 Nod Hill Road: David and Denise Waddle to Timothy Smith and Kelly Costigan-Smith, $615,000.

58 Ledgewood Drive: Joseph and Olga Scamuffo to Wilnex and Frantze Paul, $665,000.

259 Sturges Ridge Road: Nina M. Depeugh to Mark J. and Christine P. McVeety, $1,150,000.

56 Charter Oak Drive: Christine B. McGovern to John and Georgia Bambrick, $1,238,625.

65 Carriage Road: Eva J. Fondrier aka Eva J. Laskas, to Alper and Asli C. Daglioglu, $798,000.

162 Linden Tree Road: Brendan C. and Samantha G. Kreter to Derik and Stephanie Jahn, $720,000.

61 Sugarloaf Drive: Richard E. Mayer to David and Sarah Crowell, $615,000.

67 Hulda Hill Road: Matthew Clark and Derrel Marsella Mason to Adrian and Kimberly Biltoft, $778,500.