2012 Academic Awards

College Alumni Book Awards

Brandeis — outstanding student committed to social action or civic engagement, Hayley Nicholas

Brown — outstanding achievement in English, Allison Schaefer

Columbia — outstanding academic achievement, Bryan Crampton

Columbia School of Engineering — outstanding scholarship in math and science, Kevin Murphy

Connecticut College — intellectual leadership and community service, Alosha Southern

Cornell — excellent academic achievement and good citizenship, Sanjana Sekhar

Dartmouth — outstanding academic scholarship, Casey Pearsall

Fairfield — high academic scholarship and community service, Emma Stewart

Gettysburg — academic achievement in American history, Caroline Armstrong

Harvard — outstanding academic scholarship, Paige Wallace

Holy Cross — exceptional academic achievement, Elizabeth Forster

Mount Holyoke — outstanding academic scholarship, Samantha Augenbraun

Oberlin — outstanding achievement in English, Emily Friedman

Princeton — outstanding academic scholarship, Megan Roughan

Randolph — academic achievement with leadership potential, David Gumins

St. Lawrence — academic achievement and significant commitment to community service, Hui Lu

Saint Michael's — academic achievement with a social conscience, John Jankowski and Lauren Prospect

Smith — outstanding academic scholarship and commitment to making a difference, Valentina Tudisco

Trinity — outstanding achievement in English, Peter Jensen

Vassar — demonstrated excellence in the humanities, James Damon

Wellesley — exceptional academic scholarship, character and community service, Anne McArdle

Yale — outstanding academic scholarship, Jason Petro

University of Chicago — outstanding student, visible in school and in community with a lively mind, John Williams

University of Michigan — outstanding achievement in creative writing, Michelle Cinguina

Governor's Scholars of CT for 2012, Paige Wallace

Connecticut Fallen Heroes Foundation Scholarship in memory of Pfc. Nicholas A. Madaras, Jeffrey Tamucci

Delta Kappa Gamma Book Award presented to a junior looking towards pursuing a degree in education, Daniel Riecker

Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship presented to a senior pursuing a degree in education, Lally Carmichael

League of Women Voters Edna Jones Memorial Book Award recognizing a junior who has demonstrated interest in government, David Gumins

PTSA Book Awards

(Presented to seniors who have demonstrated the highest quality of performance in specific subject areas.)

English —Sara Gardner and Leila Mgaloblishvili

Reading — Thomas Ferro and Kafesha Thomas

Business — Nicholas Brady, Brent Buckley, Matthew Martinelli and Owen Willbee

Family & Consumer Science - Child Development & Culinary Arts — Jake Richards

World Languages — French/Cathryn Duemmler and Mariel Wallace, Spanish/Alison Lanzi, German/Victoria Tiefenthaler, Latin/Jennifer Xie, Greek/Harrison Vail

Mathematics — Kendric Schefers

Guidance —Graham Parsons

Theatre Arts — Public Speaking/Simon Brewer, Theatre Arts/James Ward

Science — Johanna Monro

Social Studies — Sara Gardner, Kendric Schefers and Elizabeth Villarreal

Music — Band/Jessica Spung, Choir/Jack Furnivall

Art — Drawing/Kafesha Thomas, Computer Graphics/Alexander Nicoll, Ceramics/James Erario, Photo Book/Emma McCully

Library Media — Heather Tiefenthaler

Physical Education/Health — Arthur Bass and Onessa Harewood

Support Services — Arthur Bass

Science Awards

W. Gehret Kleinspehn Science Award — Simon Brewer and Elizabeth Villarreal

Society of Women Engineers — Pamela Cai and John Co-Reyes

The Wilton Conservation Land Trust Scholarship in Memory of Dan Cappel — Alexander Mirabile

The Wilton Conservation Land Trust Book Award — Evan Fritz

The Renewable Energy Environmental Science Scholarship Award — Taylor Gillespie and Nicole Roman-Johnston

Mathematics Awards — Math Contest Honorees: Mark Ravichandran and Kathleen Smith; State Math Team Honorees: Bryan Crampton, Molly Hoch, John Jankowski, Mohsin Jawed, Eric Li, Kevin Murphy, Jason Petro and Ramamurthy Siripuram

World Language Awards

World Language Scholar Award — Harrison Vail

International Club Award — Amanda Allison

Northeast Conference Awards — French: Lally Carmichael, Spanish: Haley Shaughnessy, German: Ludovica Andrenacci, Latin: Grace Williams, Greek: Kendric Schefers

CT COLT Poetry Recitation Contest — Gold Medal: French/Harrison Vail

Alliance Française Book Award — Harrison Vail

French National Exam Award — National & Connecticut winners: Sacha Gilles and Amelie Thouvenot, Connecticut winners: Cathryn Duemmler, John Jankowski, Rebecca Thorogood, Harrison Vail and Mariel Wallace

German Consulate of Federal Republic of Germany, Boston — Samantha Andronaco, Lally Carmichael and Piper Logan

AATG National German Exam Award Gold Medals: Katharine Bartek and Derek Stang

National Latin Examinations Gold Medals: Latin I/ Nathan Briglin, Mariead Deacy and Aaron Friedman; Latin II Alexander Bendix, Liam Cunningham, Molly Hoch and Dominick Schefers; Latin III/Peter Jensen and Paige Wallace

State Latin Exam Gold Medals: — Latin II/Alexander Bendix, Molly Hoch and Nicholas Murphy; Latin III/Paige Wallace

National Greek Examinations — Highest Honors: Kathleen Smith; High Honors: Alexander Bendix and Evaline Xie

Business — CSCPA Award — Amanda Kozakiewicz

Career Practicum Award — Caitlin Kennedy

Chartwells Student Scholarship — Alexandre Bras and Kyle Schmidt

Al Dexter Environmental Scholarship Award — Cathryn Duemmler

Reynolds & Rowella Strength in Numbers Award — Casey Noonan and Michael Slaughter

American Legion Scholarship — Taylor Lapnow

Turner Construction Company Scholarship Award — Pamela Cai and John Co-Reyes

Fairfield County Community Foundation Excellence in Education Award — Mohsin Jawed

Wilton Youth Council Peer Outreach Leadership Award — Johanna Monro

Wilton Youth Council Award — Dillon Weed

Hugh O'Brien Foundation Award — Tyler Christensen

Young American Award — Jeffrey Tamucci

DAR Good Citizen Award — Johanna Monro

Wilton Historical Society Award — Amanda Gundell

Mid-Fairfield County Board of Realtors Community Service Scholarship — Grace Williams

Fairfield County Band Scholarship Award — Haley Tafuro

Wilton Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Award — Berett Garbus

Rotary Club of Wilton Service Above Self Awards — Benjamin Marsh and Johanna Monro

Wilton Volunteer Fire Department John J. Cahill Award — Alexander Mirabile and Claire Whitin

Wilton Woman's Club Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship — Taylor Gillespie and Onessa Harewood

Wilton Family Y Award — Rebekah Forsey, Michael Klukojc, Christina Korsupsin and Morgan Scarth

Wilton Bulletin Journalism Award — Catherine Morgan

Future Global Leader Award — Simon Brewer

American Citizenship Award — Katherine Dalldorf, Mitchell Feehley, Amanda Gundell, Katherine Jansen, Maggie Robertson, Andrew Shukovsky, Jessica Toll and John Zimmermann

National Association of Secondary School Principals/Prudential Spirit of Community Award — Rebecca Sheinman

National Association of Secondary School Principals Herff Jones Leadership Award — Johanna Monro

Connecticut Association of Schools Leadership Award — Taylor Gillespie and Harrison Vail

The Fairfield County Association of Secondary School Principals Scholar-Leader Award — Simon Brewer and Claire Whitin

CAPSS/Superintendent's Award — Alexandra Luciani and Matthew Luciani

Connecticut Association of Boards of Education Student Leadership Award — William Jankowski and Claire Whitin

Nick Zinicola '98 Memorial Scholarship — Berett Garbus and Johanna Monro

The George McGarty Educator Scholarship — Susan Lowy

Dr. Robert J. Jacobs Memorial Award — George Copley and Johanna Monro

The "Jack" Award — Kelly Brosko and William Jankowski

The Jamie K. Wilson Scholarship Award — Sophie Halter and Jenna Mason

The Melissa McFadden Memorial Fund Scholarship — Johanna Monro

Whitney Sherman Memorial Award — Arthur Bass

Matthew M. Shaw Memorial Scholarship — Meaghan Latella

National Hispanic Recognition Program — Matthew Luciani and Elizabeth Villarreal

National Merit Scholarship Program

National Merit Commended Students Alvin Alper, Kristin Bell, Devon Brameier, Pamela Cai, Lally Carmichael, Adrian DiCorato, Douglas Fischer, Julia Foster, Garrett Furnivall, Jack Furnivall, Justin Green, Gregory Hughes, Mohsin Jawed, Julia Lipner, Sarah Lowy, Alexander Nicoll, Mark Ravichandran, George Riegel, Keith Robichaud, Jessica Spung, Harrison Vail, Elizabeth Villarreal, Mariel Wallace and John Zimmermann

National Merit Semifinalists — Rebecca Craig

National Merit Finalists — Simon Brewer, Eleanor Clifford, John Co-Reye, Cathryn Duemmler, William Jankowski, David Lourd, Leila Mgaloblishvili, Kendric Schefers

National Merit Northeastern University Scholarship — David Lourd

National Merit Scholarship — Simon Brewer