20 properties sell in Wilton, 6 over $1million

The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from Sept. 4 through Sept. 17.

34 Springbrook Lane: Kathleen H. Jensen to Mohammad Siddique, $1,360,000.

8 Wildwood Drive: Marc and Holly Strongwater to Justin T. and Megan G. Yurchak, $1,975,000.

34 Quail Ridge Road: John W. and Randi J. Logan to Charles R. and Morgan C. Wetmore, $629,000.

175 Mountain Road: Beryl L. Diamond to Ruggero DeRossi, $630,000.

95 Pipers Hill Road: Nathan T. and Laura R. Kirkpatrick to Tyler and Liz Hlawati, $979,500.

105 Nod Hill Road: Savine International Development Group to James Davis and Sandra Chen-Davis, $330,000. (Land Sale)

171 Chestnut Hill Road: Elissa Durwood Grodin to Christos Papadopoulos, $380,000. (Land Sale)

18 Thunder Lake Road: Dulce M. and Benito Marsan to David M. and Kimberly C. Kennedy, $915,000.

3 Brookside Place: Francis J. and Hekyung A. Moore to Phillip L. and Virginie M. Wiggins, $540,000.

84 Charter Oak Drive: Derek Bruce Everitt to Alexander and Meegan Bluman, $1,237,500.

28 West Church Street: Kathleen G. Strickland to Marion G. Melton, $510,000.

185 Signal Hill Road: Connor R. and Whitney B. Stewart to Danile and Susan White, $1,080,000.

270 Newtown Turnpike: L. Christian Rigby and Muriel Maneyrol to Noah and Lisa Littin, $799,000.

42 Cavalry Hill Road: Darin R. and Lena R. Booth to Christopher Mancuso and Kimberly Carpenter, $855,000.

25 Seeley Road: 25 Seeley Road LLC to Connecticut Light & Power dba Eversource, $88,000. (Easement)

70 Cedar Road: Jesse C. McCollam, Jr. to Michael Jenkins, $1,060.

102 Hulda Hill Road: Richard and Regan Hayes to Kaitlin Torrenzano and Nicholas Venezia, $631,000.

9 Forge Road: Amy Bibb to Tzo Ai Ang, $1,325,000.

4 White Birch Road: Richard M. Coan, Trustee to Kelly M. and Jill T. Markowitz, $8,000. (Trustee Deed, Land Sale)

4 White Birch Road: Debra A. Lehaney to Kelly M. and Jill T. Markowitz, $8,000. (Land Sale)

186 Sturges Ridge Road: Zbigniew and Agnieszka Gosiewski to Shaun Kelly Ng, Trustee, $1,1500,000.