183 Ridgefield Road house demolished

Allison Sanders for Wilton Historical Society photos
The house at 183 Ridgefield Road, known in town as the ‘Schlichting House,’ was demolished today, March 23.

In late August, Dave Schlichting, who told The Bulletin he’d ‘dodged buyers who wanted to tear it down for two years,’ sold to a developer.

Not only was the house at 183 Ridgefield Road more than 160 years old, it was one of the three remaining Italianate villa style buildings left in Wilton. At least one member of the Schlichting family had occupied it since 1897.

When a legal notice was printed in The Bulletin on Sept. 24, publishing the developer’s intent to demolish the house and its satellite structures, some residents became concerned that a last bastion of Wilton’s fading historic character was about to fall.

The Wilton Historic District Commission convened a special meeting and public forum and voted unanimously on Oct. 7 to delay the demolition for 90 days. That delay expired Jan. 7.

The barn at 183 Ridgefield Road — also a historic structure — was disassembled and relocated on March 8.