STAMFORD — Residents looking to get rid of old mattresses and hazardous household products will have a chance to do so on Saturday.

From 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. they will be collected at Rippowam Middle School at 381 High Ridge Road. It’s free for Stamford residents.

Old mattresses will be collected as part of a state recycling program. The state does not charge the city, which encourages residents to take advantage of the program rather than bring mattresses to the Samford Transfer Station. City crews often must pick up mattresses that are dumped illegally in the street.

Collection of household hazardous waste also is free to Stamford residents on Saturday.

The following items will be collected: aerosol cans, moth balls, over cleaners, pool chemicals, sealants, mercury thermometers, muriatic acid, pesticides, rodent killers, solvents, metal polish, old chemistry sets, photo chemicals, rust preventatives, transmission fluid, wood preservatives, anti-freeze, brake fluid, drain cleaners, floor cleaners, wood strippers, arts and crafts supplies, cesspool cleaners, dry-cleaning fluids, fluorescent light bulbs, ammonia, bleach, creosote, engine and radiator flushes, herbicides, and insect spray.