Workshop for parents of internationally adopted children

Parents, internationally adopted adults and adoption professionals are invited to a workshop with representatives of The Ties Program on Saturday, Nov. 15, 1:30, at the WEPCO complex, 48 New Canaan road.

The two-part program is “Teens & Tweens — What I Would Tell You If I Could Find A Way.”  Advance registration online is required and includes a tax-deductible donation of $10 to the Gift of Identity Fund, which provides scholarships to adoptees who could not otherwise afford to travel to their homeland.  To register, go to

For many internationally adopted children, the tween and teen years can be a time when questions of identity and history become particularly powerful. This workshop will give parents a glimpse into what adoptees may be thinking or feeling about fitting in, relationships with birth and adoptive families, loyalty, poverty, background story, abandonment, insecurity and control, self-worth, and the ever-present question of “Why?” Presenters will provide suggestions to help parents create a strategy that will strengthen the relationship with their child.

The second half of the workshop will help parents consider the pros and cons of making a heritage journey to their child’s homeland, which can be one of the most significant factors in the identity-building process of internationally adopted children.

The staff of The Ties Program, which is based in Wisconsin, includes adoptees, adoptive parents and adoption professionals who work to connect adopted children and their families with their birth countries and the places where their lives began.

This workshop is hosted by the Joint Youth Ministries of Wilton Presbyterian, St. Matthew’s Episcopal and Zion’s Hill United Methodist Churches.  For more information, call the Rev. Jane Field at 203-762-5514.