Wilton Land Trust bird walk at Blacks’ Farm

Birdwatching enthusiasts, and those who just enjoy a walk outdoors in beautiful  surroundings may join the Wilton Land Trust on Saturday, Feb. 3, a 8 a.m., for a bird walk at the Blacks’ Farm.

This working farm was protected from development when Sophie Cabot Black and her family agreed to have a permanent conservation easement placed on their 50-acre property.  The town purchased this easement in 1999, and the land trust has a secondary easement on the land.

The bird walk is part of the Big Year the land trust is running throughout 2018. The goal is to see 200 different bird species in Wilton. Since Jan. 1, 55 species have been recorded, including two owls, a falcon, and a bald eagle.

Anyone may report a sighting to wltbigyear@gmail.com, on Facebook at Wilton Land Trust Bird Year, or by phone to 203-451-2516.

The farm is at the upper intersection of Hemmelskamp and Olmstead Hill roads. Participants should park on Hemmelskamp. Binoculars and boots are recommended.