The mind-body connection for easier surgery and faster recovery

James Mapes, speaker and best-selling author will talk about his newest CD program, Patient Pre-Op/Post-Op Healing Therapy™ on Wednesday, Oct. 2, from noon to 1 at the Westport Library.

In this interactive program, Mr. Mapes draws on his three decades of experience as clinical hypnotist, NLP practitioner, medical facilitator and a personal excellence coach.

Mr. Mapes, who maintains an office in Wilton, will discuss how the mind works and the importance of the imagination and imagery to harness the body’s natural resources for healing.

He will highlight the importance of “Five Keys to Living an Exceptional Life” as an adjunct to a faster recovery from surgery: Making friends with reality, Attitude, Creating a support system, Expressing gratitude and Creating a strong vision of the future. He will give suggestions to help people reduce fear and anxiety, instill a feeling of calmness, manage negative stress and improve immune function to reduce pain and create a healing consciousness for quicker surgical recovery.

Information: 203-762-1200.