The five best short hikes near Wilton

Though it lacks the amount of open space boasted by northern Connecticut, the Wilton area offers a number of hiking locations suitable for beginners and intermediate hikers. Just remember to pack extra water before you leave for a weekend of fun!

Woodcock Nature Center (Wilton)

Wilton’s only nature center is open to the public from dawn to dusk every day, and features five different hiking trails. Much of the woodlands here is considered wetlands, and during the spring vernal pools can be found ripe with tadpoles.

Where to start: 56 Deer Run Road, Wilton, CT

Devil’s Den Preserve (Weston)

This Nature Conservancy site boasts 1,800 acres of preserved woodlands, an old mill pond, and 19th-Century charcoal production sites. There is archaeological evidence that suggests the area has been inhabited by humans for at least 5,000 years.

You might even see a UFO.

Where to start: 33 Pent Road, Weston, CT

Terrywile Park (Danbury)

  Once an active dairy farm and orchard, Terrywile Park has 21 miles of hiking trails — some of which lead to an abandoned castle… really!

Where to start: 70 Southern Boulevard, Danbury, CT

 Ward Pound Ridge Reservation (Pound Ridge)

Those looking for an all-inclusive outdoor activity center can find it at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, where hiking, fishing and horseback riding are all allowed. It’s a gigantic park, at 4,300 acres, but it does cost $10 to park.

Where to start: 4 Reservation Rd, Pound Ridge, NY

Quarryhead State Park (Wilton)

More of a picnic spot than an area for great trekking adventures, the park still offers walking trails, the remains of an old home, and a view of Long Island from atop its peak.

Where to start: Ridgefield Road, in Wilton, just next to Tanner's Drive.