Scholarly lecture will look at women's role in 'tech culture'

Julia Adams, sociology and international and area studies professor and head of Calhoun College at Yale University, will present the fourth installment of this year’s scholarly series lecture at the Wilton Historical Society on Sunday, March 26.

This year’s scholarly lecture series focuses on “how people’s identities ... are shaped by a variety of new forces,” said Adams, who will talk about “the implications for gender" during her Navigating the New Digital Landscape of Knowledge lecture.

During her talk, Adams will explore the role of women in “tech culture” and also draw on her research on Wikipedia and academic knowledge and the uses of journalism and fake news in the recent presidential election.

“I chose to speak about how new digital platforms are changing our lives — as citizens, educators, producers and consumers of knowledge — in some dramatic ways,” she said.

“Wikipedia is a great example of both the promise and peril of these new ‘do-it-yourself’ modes of creating new crowd-sourced information."

While it is "exciting" that it "promises to open up the possibility of creating new knowledge to people who haven't had much of a voice," said Adams, it has also “become less open and democratic as it has developed.”

The quality of the information on Wikipedia, she said, “varies enormously, and it is, unfortunately, biased against women.”

“Its founders hoped for improved and enlightened knowledge,” said Adams. “What happened and what can we do about it?”

Adams grew up in Wilton and said she is “honored to be speaking in the lecture series, and in Wilton.”

“I know that we'll have a fascinating and productive discussion,” she said.


The 10th annual scholarly lecture series is presented by Wilton Library and Wilton Historical Society. All talks take place from 4 to 5:30, followed by Q&A sessions.

The final lecture — 9/11 and America’s Worldview with Matthew Warshauer — will take place Sunday, April 2 at the historical society.

Receptions will follow each lecture. There is no charge, but registration for each lecture is required.

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