Hyon shows in Ridgefield

The work of Wilton artist Nash Hyon will be featured in the new exhibition, Certifiably Organic, at Watershed Gallery in Ridgefield. The show will open with a public reception on Friday, Sept. 20, at 7:30, and will feature local, national and international artists.

Working with paint, paper and graphite, Ms. Hyon’s work mixes concepts in science and medicine with striking symbolic imagery, transforming them into timeless, emotionally evocative works of art.

Ms. Hyon works primarily with encaustics (molten beeswax) and the meticulous process of melting, layering and scraping gives her work an almost archaeological feel; her paintings have depth, substance, and a sense of history.

“Each artist in the new exhibition explores the natural world in either shape, material, or subject matter,” Jennifer Mathy, the gallery’s director said in a press release. “Nash’s work encompasses all three aspects; she is uniquely focused on unraveling nature’s secrets.”

Also featured in the show are French sculptor Pascale Beneteau, painter Pamela Marks of Quaker Hill, painter Cathryn Miles of Atlanta, and Norwalk printmaker Nancy C. Woodward.

Watershed Gallery is at 23 Governor Street. Information: watershedgallery.com or 203-438-4387.