Hope Church offers depression recovery program

Hope Church in Wilton will present a 10-week depression recovery program beginning Jan. 20. Classes are offered on Mondays, from 10 to noon or 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The Nedley Depression Recovery Program is a DVD series created by Neil Nedley, MD, a practicing physician in internal medicine and owner of Nedley Health Solutions (nedleyhealthsolutions.com.) The program will be hosed by a Christian counselor known as Dr. C (DearDrC.com).

The program is intended to help identify the underlying causes of depression and lifestyle changes that can be made to alleviate it. Among the topics to be addressed are:

• Identifying depression;

• Lifestyle changes;

• Nutrition and the brain;

• Positive thinking to defeat depresion;

• Stress without distress

• Living after loss;

• Improving brain function.

Included is a participant kit composed of a textbook, workbook, related books, pedometer, Omega-3 nutritional bar, classical music CD, and tote bag.

The church is at 240 Wolfpit Road. Seating is limited. Registration is available at DearDrC.com/depression.