A meditation workshop will be offered Thursday, Oct. 24, 7 to 8:30 p.m., at the Apple Blossom School on Danbury Road in Cannondale.

The class will be led by Rebecca Velasquez who is a licensed clinical social worker and certified yoga and meditation teacher. She has more than a decade of experience integrating the art of yoga and meditation with the therapeutic principles of social work for clients of all ages.

Participants in the workshop will learn:

• The benefits of meditation;

• To overcome common roadblocks to meditation (lack of discipline, time management, restless mind, etc.).

They will also have the opportunity to practice various types of meditation.

Participants are asked to bring a journal and water bottle and wear comfortable clothes. They may also bring a pillow or cushion for sitting.

The cost is $20; reservations are required. All proceeds go to Apple Blossom School.

RSVP to Ms. Velasquez at rebvelasquez@gmail.com or call 203-904- 5717.