Crafts Festival in Cannondale this weekend

The arrival of August means it’s time for the Cannondale Village Summer Crafts Festival, presented by craft show promotion company, Artisans Alliance.

The two-day crafts festival in the historic Cannondale Village will feature vendors selling jewelry, beaded items and hair ties, said Virgil Signore, director of Artisans Alliance.

“Jewelry is almost always the largest category,” he said.

The festival will take place on the Cannondale Village lawn, 28 Cannon Road, on Saturday, Aug. 9, from 10 to 4; and Sunday, Aug. 10, from 11 to 5.

“The lawn at Cannondale Village can only hold about 16 or 17 vendors. We are about half full,” Mr. Signore told The Bulletin Tuesday.

“I received calls and emails today from interested vendors, so I expect the number to increase.”

Mr. Signore said previous craft shows at Cannondale Village have averaged about 150 to 200 visitors a day.

“There are new vendors each year and usually some returning vendors,” he said.

Admission to the Cannondale Village Summer Crafts Festival is free.