Westhill-Stamford’s Chuckas wins LL diving, Windsor’s Mieses-Sanchez sets M record

Hannah Chuckas’ personal best score of 469.25 after 11 dives earned her the state title.

Hannah Chuckas’ personal best score of 469.25 after 11 dives earned her the state title.

Westhill/Stamford / Contributed photo

MIDDLETOWN - Westhill-Stamford’s Hannah Chuckas posted her best score to out point strong competition and win the Class LL diving championship.

Chuckas’ total of 469.25 after 11 dives earned her the title. Annie Bingle from Greenwich scored a 461.80. Glastonbury’s Jade-Su Casey was third at 461.20.

“Annie Bingle and I are always close in scoring,” Chuckas said of her FCIAC rival. “Going against Jade was a big surprise because I had never competed against her. When people are at a high skill level, I try to be better.”

The trio were close throughout.

“My first three dives were good,” Chuckas said. “It got a little rocky on my fourth and fifth. Me, Annie, and Jade were within points the entire meet. The last three dives have a high degree of difficulty, so that helps me. Once I did okay with those dives, I thought that I would be alright.”

A junior, Chuckas took up diving as a sophomore, after 12 years of gymnastics.

“This is by far my best score ever,” she said. “Last year I got around 420. At FCIACs I only scored 409. I had a good meet and surprised myself. Before my last dive I had already beaten my best score. I was really, really, happy.”

Class LL Diving Results

1. Hannah Chuckas, Westhill-Stamford 469.25; 2. Annie Bingle, Greenwich 461.80; 3. Jade-Su Casey, Glastonbury 461.20; 4. Javiera Garcia, Greenwich 414.80; 5. Julia Stefanowicz, Westhill-Stamford 380.90; 6. Kate Whitaker, Staples 375.70; 7. Esme Merrill, Greenwich 357.85; 8. Mia Guster, Staples 347.40; 9. Francesca Gionfriddo, Glastonbury 339.90; 10. Mackenzie Newi, Greenwich 337.90; 11. Kaelyn Talisse, Ridgefield 333.70; 12. Allie Pereira, Norwalk-McMahon 328.60; 13. Liliana Quill, Amity 312.85; 14. Emily Roland, Ludlowe 307.60; 15. Alison Kolman, Norwalk-McMahon 307.05; 16. Madeline Thomas, Ridgefield 306.85; 17. Mairyn Melesko, Manchester 293.65; 18. Kayli Moran, Hamden 285.00; 19. Caitlyn Smith, Amity 278.05; 20. Anna Hilary, Glastonbury 276.45; 21. Alana Mondschein, Glastonbury 274.95; 22. Chayse Mercer, Manchester 272.40; 23. Taylor Kelly, Southington 261.25; 24. Kelsey Salerno, Southington 236.80 (DQ); 25. Lillian Jermain, Hamden 201.30 (Cut); 26. Sofia Cuevas Norwalk-McMahon (Cut).Westhill-Stamford’s Hannah Chuckas took first at the CIAC Class LL diving championship on Thursday.


WALLINGFORD -- Adriana Mieses-Sanchez from Windsor set a record at the CIAC Class M diving championship on Thursday.

Her score of 488.60 after 11 dives broke the mark of 466.85 set by Joel Barlow’s Hannah Craley in 2018.

Makenna Sharpe from Jonathan Law was second at 423.25.

Class M Diving Results

1. Adriana Mieses-Sanchez, Windsor 488.60; 2. Makenna Sharpe, Jonathan Law 423.25; 3. Ava Gravgaard, Brookfield 394.65; 4. Mykayla Lavery, Brookfield 369.70. 5. Kathryn Wittenauer, Masuk 362.95; 6. Nora Gravgaard, Brookfield 337.00; 7. Jordyn Gould, Guilford 322.85; 8. Carly Jordan, Masuk 319.75; 9. El-Lana Coleman, North Haven 307.00; 10. Samantha Ferrero, Berlin 293.10; 11. Meghan DeRubeis, North Haven 287.95; 12. Emma Nelly, Jonathan Law 287.55; 13. Paige Kantor, Jonathan Law 277.85; 14. Chandler Ceste-Martinez North, Haven 270.35; 15. Caroline Wittenauer, Masuk 266.60; 16. Olivia Coddington, Jonathan Law 250.55; 17. Riley Grunow, Joseph A. Foran 245.25.