Northwestern boys, Nonnewaug girls win Berkshire League track and field titles

LITCHFIELD — Northwestern’s boys defended their title with relative ease Saturday at the Berkshire League Track and Field Championship meet at Litchfield’s Plum Hill Sports Complex, outscoring their nearest competitor, Nonnewaug, 192.5 to 129.5.

“We had a pretty good day,” said Highlander coach Andy Campbell. “We have a combination of depth and good athletes — you could say talented depth.”

Northwestern’s boys had four individual league championships — Liam Lavery in the 110-meter hurdles; Nick Michna in the high jump and javelin; and Caven Kreske in the discus — plus a slew of seconds, thirds and fourths that kept the Highlander point total growing all day.

The girls’ side of the meet was a different story.

With just a few field events left to record, Nonnewaug led a three-way battle with 142 points to 141 for defending champion Thomaston and 140.5 for Northwestern, the girls’ champion two years ago.

“I was more nervous than my team was,” said Coach Arleigh Duff, who led his Chiefs to 22 straight championships before Northwestern and Thomaston crashed Nonnewaug’s party in the last two years.

Count this one as the Chiefs’ 23rd.

In the last three events, Nonnewaug’s Emma Jackson and Erin Classey finished second and fourth in the shot put; Gianna Lodice won the triple jump; and Sammi Faull took the high jump, surging the Chiefs to a 168 win over Northwestern’s 159 and Thomaston’s 158.

Better still, the Chiefs did it with Duff’s smallest girls team ever — 13 athletes with “11 or 12” competing on Saturday.

“But all those Nonnewaug girls are really good,” said Northwestern’s Coach Campbell.

Faull, a senior and Lodice, a sophomore, led the way.

“Our small team turns us into a family,” said Faull, who took a win in the 300-meter hurdles, second in the 100-meter hurdles and third in the triple jump before winning the high jump.

“We make each other better. Our main competition is us,” she said.

“The small numbers mean we have to have 100 percent effort,” said Lodice, second in the 400 meters and 300-meter hurdles and third in the long jump before her triple jump win.

“It makes us work harder and be more strategic,” Lodice said. “I wasn’t planning to run the hurdles today because they came right after the 400, but we needed the points.”

The Nonnewaug girls finish made the biggest splash, but there were others, girls and boys, with amazing performances.

Housatonic’s Sydney Segalla, best known in the league for her soccer and basketball talents, burst on the scene with wins in the 100, 200 and 400-meter dashes.

“She’s an amazing athlete,” said Lodice, seeded first in the 400 before Segalla swept by.

Thomaston coach Mark Olsen, whose girls won all three relay races was blown away by surprise performances from three of his boys.

“No one expected Bennett Li (to beat Litchfield’s Evan Bryant) but he won by .03 seconds,” Olsen said. “Dan Guerrera ran the 300 hurdles for just the second time in his life — and won. Vincent Russman caught the No. 1 seed in the 400 at the finish line.”

Just as impressive as double winners along with Nonnewaug’s Faull, Northwestern’s Lydia Beers won the 100 hurdles and long jump; and Katie DeForest, from Terryville, ruled the 1,000 and 3,200-meter runs.

Terryville’s Nick Fusco did the same thing for the boys, winning the 1,000 and 3,200; Nonnewaug’s Christo Jamo won the long jump and triple jump, both joining Northwestern’s Michna in the double winners’ circle.

Amidst all the winners on a day whose temperatures reached the low 90s, Litchfield athletic director Kyle Weaver merits the unsung hero award as site director, scrambling among coaches and teams to move the meet’s start to 8:30 a.m. to avoid the hottest part of the day.

There’s little doubt that at least a few of the athletes owe part of their medals to him.

Berkshire League


At Plum Hill Sports Complex, Litchfield

Team Scores

Girls: 1. Nonnewaug 168; 2. Northwestern 159; 3. Thomaston 158; 4. Shepaug 45.5; 5. Housatonic 45; 6. Litchfield 34; 7. (tie) Terryville/Gilbert 28; Wamogo 14.5.

Boys: 1. Northwestern 192.5; 2. Nonnewaug 129.5; 3. Thomaston 88; 4. Litchfield 82.5; 5. Shepaug 66.5; 6. Terryville 52.5; 7. Gilbert 38; 8. Housatonic 18; 9. Wamogo 13.5.

Girls Individual Events

100 meters: 1. Sydney Segalla, Housatonic (:12.51); 2. Claire Saunders, Thomaston; 3. Isabella Roepke, Northwestern. 200: 1. Segalla, Housatonic (:24.8); 2. Roepke, Northwestern; 3. Ellison McDonald, Nonnewaug. 400: 1. Segalla, Housatonic (:56.41); 2. Gianna Lodice, Nonnewaug; 3. Mackenzie DiDonato, Thomaston. 800: 1. Olivia Blasko, Thomaston (2:34.82); 2. Kaelyn Gallaway, Northwestern; 3. Julianna Bellagamba, Nonnewaug; 1,600: 1. Katie DeForest, Terryville (5:30.08); 2. Bellagamba, Nonnewaug; 3. Blasko, Thomaston. 3,200: 1. DeForest, Terryville (13:05.22); 2. Eilish Foy, Shepaug; 3. Payton Mozelak, Thomaston. 100 hurdles: 1. Lydia Beers, Northwestern (:16.61); 2. Sammi Faull, Nonnewaug; 3. Asa Bannerman, Northwestern. 300 hurdles: 1. Faull, Nonnewaug (:47.65; 2. Lodice, Nonnewaug; 3. Juliette Nichols, Nonnewaug. 4 x 100 Relay: 1. Thomaston (Ariana Komonaj, Saunders, DiDonato, Stevilynn Fox), (:51.95); 2. Nonnewaug; 3. Shepaug. 4 x 400 Relay: 1. Thomaston (Blasko, Gwyneth Romanzi, DiDonato, Sophia Coer) (4:22.89); 2. Litchfield; 3. Northwestern. 4 x 800 Relay: 1. Thomaston (Cierra O’Sullivan; Haley Grecco, Mozelak, Coer) (10:49.0); 2. Northwestern; 3. Nonnewaug. High Jump: 1. Faull, Nonnewaug (5-0); 2. Beers, Northwestern; 3. Romanzi, Thomaston. Pole vault: 1. Gallaway, Northwestern (8-0); 2. Paige Brandt, Nonnewaug; 3. Madison Henry, Northwestern. Long Jump: 1. Beers, Northwestern (16-0); 2. Komonaj, Thomaston; 3. Lodice, Nonnewaug. Triple Jump: Lodice, Nonnewaug (32-0); 2. Allyson Danilla, Northwestern; 3. Faull, Nonnewaug. Shot Put: 1. Haley Bethin, Thomaston (29-01); 2. Emma Jackson, Nonnewaug; 3. Delaney Jose, Thomaston. Discus: 1. Ajia Gutic, Gilbert (100-09); 2. Nina Tripodina, Northwestern; 3. Emma Mierzwa, Northwestern. Javelin: 1. Kadija Crapo, Litchfield (111-02); 2. Claire Kersten, Shepaug; 3. Carley Bannerman, Northwestern.

Boys Individual Events

100 meters: 1. Leo Laure, Litchfield (:12.11); 2. Aiden Avenia, Northwestern; 3. Eddie Flores, Northwestern. 200: 1. Bennett Li, Thomaston (:24.51); 2. Evan Bryant, Litchfield; 3. Flores, Northwestern. 400: 1. Vincent Russman, Thomaston (:54.74); 2. Evan Woerner, Shepaug; 3. Isaac Sobek, Litchfield. 800: 1. Nathan Reiter, Litchfield (2:02.62); 2. Robert Pedersen, Terryville; 3. Maddox Lahey, Thomaston. 1,600: 1. Nick Fusco, Terryville (4:46.41); 2. Will Thomsen, Northwestern; 3. Connor Foss, Thomaston. 3,200: 1. Fusco, Terryville (10:57.85); 2. Thomas Reeves, Gilbert; 3. Kyle McCarron, Housatonic. 110 hurdles: 1. Liam Lavery, Northwestern (:17.38); 2. Jebediah Leach, Gilbert; 3. Quinn Leonard, Nonnewaug. 300 hurdles: 1. Dan Guerrera, Thomaston (:45.09); 2. Max Charillo, Northwestern; 3. Leonard, Nonnewaug. 4 x 100 Relay: 1. Litchfield (Reiter, Evan Bryant, Leo Laure, Max Laure) (:47). 4 x 400 Relay: 1. Litchfield (Gabriel Stradtman, Sobek, Bryant, Reiter) (3:41.62); 2. Thomaston; 3. Northwestern. 4 x 800 Relay: 1. Thomaston (Johnathan Ronalter, Lahey, Guerrera, Foss) (8:51.62); 2. Nonnewaug; 3. Northwestern. High Jump: 1. Nick Michna, Northwestern (6-0); 2. Christian DiSapio, Terryville; 3. Mason Bradley, Northwestern. Pole Vault: 1. Nikita Nicholas, Nonnewaug (12-06); 2. Elijah Llamos, Nonnewaug; 3. Ben Silano, Northwestern. Long Jump: 1. Christo Jamo, Nonnewaug (20-10) 2. Preston Cordeaux, Wamogo; 3. John Snabaitis, Nonnewaug. Triple Jump: 1. Jamo, Nonnewaug (39); 2. Bradley, Northwestern; 3. Bryant, Litchfield. Shot Put: 1. Nick Fazzone, Shepaug (37-10.75); 2. Kaelan McDonald, Shepaug; 3. Charles Rickenbach, Nonnewaug. Discus: 1. Caven Kreske, Northwestern (113-05); 2. Bradley, Northwestern; 3. Alex Nicholas, Nonnewaug. Javelin: 1. Michna, Northwestern (139-09); 2. Reiter, Litchfield; 3. McDonald, Shepaug.