Dan Pelosi's New Show Features You (Yes, You!)

Dan Pelosi’s signature tagline “I live here now” could not be more fitting for his new gig. Dan—aka GrossyPelosi—is joining Food52 as a Resident and video host of his new series, “The Secret Sauce.” You may know Dan for his famous vodka sauce (known lovingly by GrossyPelosi fans as ‘The Sawce’, his expert taste and eye for design (see his curated Grossery List), or from his delightful and delicious Instagram presence @GrossyPelosi. Now, he’s traveling across the Tri-State area to visit Food52 community members to share their most beloved recipes and cook together.

Dan’s love of food started in his family kitchen, cooking with his Italian- and Portuguese-American parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents (his 100-year-old grandpa Bimpy’s recipe for Giambotta is one of our favorites). While studying abroad in Italy, during college at the Rhode Island School of Design, Dan rekindled his love for cooking and sharing his appreciation for food with others. Fast forward 12 years and Dan is a full-time content creator, recipe developer, and writer, forging a new community through food and social media.