Comedian Mike Feeney roasts Connecticut in viral TikTok video

In “Welcome to Connecticut,” Mike Feeney breaks down the Nutmeg State with a 60-second roast.

Photo of Daniel Figueroa IV

Mike Feeney might not be the first to take a swipe at the Nutmeg State, but the New York-based comedian has had a successful one this week on TikTok. 

In “Welcome to Connecticut,” Feeney takes down the state in what one commenter described as "the most accurate CT slander video I've ever seen." In the video, one version of Feeney welcomes another as a new resident. The video has been seen nearly two million times on TikTok alone and has more than 200,000 likes and 13,000 shares.

The video opens with Feeney apologizing for being late due to traffic on the “95/91 merger,” thinking there was an accident but realizing it was due to “six food trucks and a polluted wharf” (referring to New Haven’s Long Wharf ) before proclaiming “we’re a commuter state that’s horrible at commuting.” 

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In the video, he then moves onto Connecticut’s professional sports identity — or lack thereof — offering to “cherry pick all the winning franchises” from New York and Massachusetts just in time for three days of Yankees/Red Sox action in the Bronx this weekend.

And he doesn’t stop there. The welcoming Feeney offers the in-coming Feeney a place to live in “beautiful” Greenwich or Darien. All he needs is a “$2 million down payment, in cash.” He then took a dig at Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport.

The video ends with a “free Connecticut starter kit” featuring a white clam pizza, a Huskies hat and tickets to the Mystic Aquarium.
The video is part of a “Welcome to” series Feeney does on TikTok. He’s also done Colorado, Texas and more. A video welcoming folks to Florida has amassed more the 11 million views.

And while Feeney might not be from Connecticut, his wife is. And he’ll be swinging through Mohegan Sun in August. Feeney told Hearst Connecticut Media that the inspiration for the series came from his time on the road.

“People, no matter where (they) live, are pretty much the same,” he said. “They all tout how great their city/state is yet complain about it, incessantly. I thought that dichotomy would be a fun thing to explore.”

Every city or state in the “Welcome to” series is one Feeney says he’s been to. And he always checks those hyper specific references with friends who grew up there.

“People tell me all the time that my videos are so accurate there’s no way I didn’t grow up there. Which, I suppose, is a sign of a job well done,” he said. “I think the reason they’re so successful is because I focus on funny first. Every city/state that I do gets made fun of equally. Some people get very mad at a silly comedy video, which is a hilarious added bonus for me.”