Wilton horse rescue welcomes newest resident

WILTON — As all mothers know, babies come when they want to, not when they are supposed to.

That’s what happened at Wilton’s Rising Starr horse rescue when a foal came into the world sooner than was expected.

Everyone at the farm knew Tessa, a three-year-old mare, was expecting, but “she tricked us all,” Executive Director Kelly Stackpole said.

On March 5 Tessa had a ultrasound. “We knew the baby was coming, maybe two to three weeks.”

Tessa was rescued from a kill pen in June. She had a baby at her side then, but Stackpole did not know she was pregnant until later.

Rumi, Ru for short, arrived that Saturday, March 7, early in the morning Stackpole thinks.

“We did night check at 10 p.m. We found a fluffy baby at 6:45 a.m.”

Since no one knows who the sire is, it’s hard to tell what Ru, who is a filly, will grow into. Tessa is 12.2 hands tall, technically a pony.

Nevertheless, Ru and her mother are doing very well and both are looking for a sponsor. Ru will be available for adoption at the end of August. Tessa will also be available.

Stackpole’s main concern right now is how to feed the dozen or so horses and ponies under her care since she had to suspend fundraising events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donations to the nonprofit may be made at its website risingstarrhorserescue.org.

“A $10 donation from all our followers would make a big difference!” Stackpole said.