WILTON — In this era of social distancing, browngrotta arts is offering an online-only art exhibition.

The Wilton studio is presenting “Transforming Tradition: Japanese and Korean Contemporary Craft,” online through March 31.

In recognition of Asia Art Week, which was March 12-19, browngrotta arts has brought together more than a dozen contemporary works by artists born in Japan and Korea. The works include ceramics, weavings, baskets, and sculptures made of paper and silk.

The artists from Japan are: Chiyoko Tanaka, Jiro Yonezawa, Masakazu Kobayashi, Naomi Kobayashi, Kyoko Kumai, Kiyomi Iwata, Yasuhisa Kohyama, Keiji Nio, Hisako Sekijima, and Toshio Sekiji.

From Korea are Jin-Sook So and Chang Yeonsoon.

Among the works are paper sculptures by Naomi Kobayashi and an elegant silk thread assemblage by her late husband, Masakazu Kobayashi.

The couple often collaborated and of their work Masakazu Kobayashi once said, “These works express a shared vision and such common themes as the tranquility of nature, the infinity of the universe and the Japanese spirit.”

Tom Grotta, and his wife, Rhonda Brown, co-founded browngrotta arts in 1987. Since then, they have worked to advance the field of modern fiber art by curating and exhibiting renowned artists and publishing scholarly catalogs.

The exhibition may be viewed on browngrotta’s YouTube channel at or by clicking here.