WILTON — Although the Wilton Historical Society is closed right now, it is bringing history to peoples’ computer screens with a series of entertaining videos: “History is Here in Wilton.”

The inaugural episode, “Shaken, Not Stirred: A Brief History of Booze in Wilton,” follows the town’s up and down relationship with demon rum from the establishment of the first tavern here in 1727 to the establishment of the Wilton Temperance Society in the mid 1800s, Dr. Turner’s proposed hospital for inebriated women in the 1890s, and Wilton’s vote to become a dry town which was reversed more than six decades later.

Narrated by Associate Curator Nick Foster, this installment is followed by “Dairy Cows and Double Plays: The Story of the Wilton Farmers Baseball Team.”

Each program runs about five minutes and focuses on a piece of the town’s lesser-know history. They run on Facebook and Instagram and may also be accessed on the historical society’s YouTube account here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh0mPIeUEV0.

Along with “History is Here,” the historical society’s Facebook page brings “What’s It Wednesday” each week when foster posts a “mystery object” from the collection and challenges viewers to figure out what it is.