Browngrotta opens new fiber show in Wilton

Browngrotta arts will open an in-person exhibition, “Volume 50: Chronicling Fiber Art for Three Decades,” Sept. 12 to 20. Advance reservations are required.

The show is a retrospective celebration of 50 print catalogs on fiber and modern craft published by browngrotta arts and an exhibition of 60 works by 50 important artists of fiber, ceramics, and mixed media, who have helped define modern craft movement since the 1950s.

Artists include Laura Ellen Bacon, James Bassler, Annette Bellamy, Lia Cook, Mary Merkel-Hess, Simone Pheulpin, John McQueen, and Aleksandra Stoyanov.

A forerunner in the field, browngrotta arts has been researching, documenting and raising awareness of fiber art through bi-annual exhibitions and publishing catalogs for over 30 years. The publication of the 50th catalog of the same title will continue the tradition with full-color exhibition photos by the co-founder of browngrotta arts, Tom Grotta, and an essay by Glenn Adamson, author, historian, curator, and former director of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

The range of works on view will include woven vessels, three-dimensional sculptures made of paper, wood, jute, waxed linen, cotton, gold leaf, steel, ceramic, fiber-optic, and basket forms of bark and twigs, jasmine and bamboo, willow and cedar.

A number of artists have created wall works of linen, viscose, steel, cotton, horsehair, fish scales and in one case, silk from silkworm raised by the artists. The techniques are as varied as the materials — weaving, plaiting, knotting, molding, ikat, tying, bundling, crochet, and katagami.