What's the Yankee Gas timeline?

As reported earlier this month, the Town of Wilton reached agreement with Yankee Gas to expand distribution of natural gas in the Wilton village and school areas. Agreements were executed on schedule and construction will begin during the last week of July.

We have timed the start of construction during the traditionally lowest level of village traffic and pedestrian activity. The July-August period takes many citizens and their families out of town for planned holiday vacations. Consequently, it will enable Yankee Gas installation crews to install pipe quickly during this activity lull in the Center Street and River Road areas.

The objective is to complete construction in the village center down to the condominium area on River Road by Aug. 22.

Another priority site will be from the corner of School Road at Cider Mill School down Kristine Lilly Way to Wilton High School, which, it is hoped, will be completed by Aug. 21, prior to school resuming on Aug. 25. A third crew will also be scheduled to start construction on the west side of Wolfpit Road from Route 7 across the Norwalk River and Metro-North train tracks to River Road.

All of these areas will cause temporary traffic congestion due to the construction, but the installation should be completed in four months, by the end of November. Bear in mind that when the Department of Transportation widened Route 7 through Wilton, it took approximately three years! With everyone’s patience and some alternate route planning, I am confident that we will all survive the four-month construction period for the gas line expansion project.

In summary, having another energy alternative in our community will enable the town to conservatively save $450,000 to $500,000 per year on fuel costs, as carefully calculated by the town’s Energy Commission. The availability of natural gas will also offer potential savings to many community businesses, residences and other facilities adjacent to the pipeline route.

As gas is a cleaner burning fuel, there will be less emissions, which will also contribute to accomplishing one of the town’s long range environmental objectives.

Please check the town’s website for updates to scheduled construction plans and work locations. Thanks again for everyone’s cooperation and patience over the next four months.