Letter: Mailing on lighting is a misrepresentation

To the Editors:

The opponents to the proposed regulation to allow permanent lights on the proposed artificial turf field at Middlebrook School are not letting the facts get in the way of a good story. The recent townwide mailer is based on fundamental misrepresentations.

First, the proposed regulation does not “allow anyone in any Wilton residential zone to construct stadium-type lighting up to 80 feet tall.” By its express terms, the regulation applies only to publicly owned property or privately owned property used institutionally such as a church or private school. Thus, the assertion that 80-foot stadium lights could spring up all over town is absolutely untrue.

Second, Gregory and Adams filed the application not on its own behalf but rather on behalf of its clients — Wilton Youth Football, Wilton Youth Lacrosse and Wilton Youth Field Hockey — and the proposal has the full support of the Board of Education and the Parks and Recreation Commission.

In addition, 70- and 80-foot lights already exist on several fields in Wilton (the stadium, the varsity baseball field, the varsity softball field, and the Kristine Lilly field). Yet this has not led to commercial property owners in town, as the opponents suggest will now happen, seeking the ability to have such lights on their properties. Commercial properties simply don’t need 80-foot lights for, among other reasons, the significant additional cost of such lights.

Finally, the higher light poles actually decrease light spillage because with new technology the lights are much more focused on their desired target. We urge all Wiltonians to learn the facts and not be swayed by the misinformation being spread by the opponents.

Eric Dean, President

Wilton Youth Football

Matt Zeyher, VP

Wilton Youth Football

Jennifer Kendra, President

Wilton Youth Field Hockey

John Arrix, President

Wilton Lacrosse

John Kuczo, VP

Youth Boys Lacrosse

Andrew Leung, VP

Youth Boys Lacrosse

Bridgette Healey, VP

Youth Girls Lacrosse

Wilton, Oct. 1