Endorsement: Vote Yes

At the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 4 Wilton voters  should vote Yes on the constitutional question on the ballot.

The question asks if the state constitution should be amended to remove restrictions on voting absentee and to permit a person to vote without having to appear at the polls on Election Day. A Yes vote opens the way to increased voting opportunities. Our government works best when as many people as possible participate. Expanding the ways, times, and methods Connecticut citizens can vote is a great way to increase voter participation.

It’s a also a great way to allow people to become more informed voters. Voting in elections with multiple offices, candidates and sometimes questions (like this year’s election) takes preparation. It can be confusing for many who don’t necessarily follow the ins and outs of local, state, or national politics. Being able to vote absentee in the privacy of one’s home allows voters to research candidates and questions, to take their time weighing the pros and cons of issues, and to cast more informed votes.

A Yes vote does not change voting procedures; if the question passes, it allows legislators to discuss various ways voting procedures might be changed. Those who fear it opens the door to fraud-prone computer voting or that it will somehow disenfranchise voters are off the mark. More opportunities to vote does not necessarily equate with more opportunities for fraud. More opportunities to vote does correspond with a better, more representative democracy.