Editorial: What's in a number?

People always say, it’s not how old you are, it’s how old you feel. There are a couple of stories this week that take age into account.

In 1932 Al Capone went to prison, the Yankees beat the Cubs in the World Series, Franklin Roosevelt was elected President, and the Cannon Grange held its first agricultural fair.

Eighty-two years later, the grange fair is still with us, planned for Sunday, Aug. 24. This hometown event is the kind that makes communities like Wilton so attractive to live in. With our lightning-fast means of communicating that often makes us so impatient, the grange fair takes us back to when people took time to be creative with their cooking, gardening, stitching, and other pursuits. It’s a time to admire pies and bunnies and cheer on the contestants in the watermelon-eating contest.

If you have never been to the fair, or haven’t been in a while, carve out an hour or afternoon to experience a little Wilton agrarian pride.

The fair’s been around 82 years. The grange itself has been around 115 years. That’s saying something.

How many high school graduates think they will be running a race with their friends 31 years later? How many even conceive of being almost 50 years old, but that’s another subject.

Next weekend will see a dozen friends from Wilton High School embark on the 200-mile Hood to Coast race from Mount Hood to the town of Seaside, Ore. They are running not to finish first, but to renew and re-invigorate their friendships, an emotional victory. In the throes of middle age, they seek to stay as youthful as possible by taking on what many would consider a daunting challenge. Now spread across the country, they trained together in spirit for their journey in the flesh.

And, as team captain Jon Goldstein said, what was most important was not speed or physical prowess, but compatibility for 30 hours together in a van!

“The main thing is not about us winning,” he told The Bulletin. “It’s about the camaraderie and making a fun memory that we’re all going to have.”

Good luck to them.