Editorial: The beauty around us

Wilton is a beautiful place, but it didn’t get that way by itself.

Spring invites us to look around, clean up, and figure out how to make things better. It’s been a busy time here — naturally speaking — and it will continue to be so for the next few weeks.

Earth Day and Easter are past, but they were the beginning for many of us to anticipate the shoots and buds that finally emerged after winter weather that lingered far too long. Last weekend, the town-wide cleanup took place, with more than a ton of garbage picked up! But that doesn’t mean it has to stop. As Paul Burnham illustrated with a story about his parents, we should make our corner of the Earth a better place, not just for ourselves but for those who will come after us (see story on page 6A).

No time to pick up litter? Start with “Take out what you bring in.” Go camping or picnicking and take the food wrappers and other items out when you depart, rather than leaving them strewn about your site. Go fishing, but don’t leave the empty lure boxes and bait containers behind, and certainly remove fishing line, which can pose a health risk to wildlife. We’ll leave alone picking up when out walking with the dog, which really is a given.

This weekend is Minks to Sinks the mother of all tag sales that exudes the virtues of recycling. Before buying new and adding to the waste stream, think about what you might need and then head over to Minks to Sinks — chances are they will have it. While Minks is here just two weekends a year, the Turnover Shop is here every week, with all the bits and pieces we use every day.

Now that we’ve tidied up, some color would be nice. Soon the hanging flower baskets will be back in Wilton Center. And there will be no shortage of flora at the Wilton Garden Club’s annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale, May 11-12 at the Town Green. Not only can you find plants that will do well right here, because many of them come from gardens right here, but you can also find native plants that will be especially attractive to those pollinating bees, birds, and butterflies so important to a living environment.

Speaking of pollinators, the Pollinator Pathway is a concept that is catching on not only here but in nearby towns as well. Planting pollinator-friendly plants is an easy way to up the green throughout town.

Feeling thankful? Today is National Prayer Day, with a service at noon in Wilton Library’s Brubeck Room. Our lives may not be perfect, but by and large we are all very lucky.