Editorial: Take in the moment

Are there any days that fly by faster than summer days?

There’s a certain comfort, though, in returning to a routine. Whether you are a student, a parent to a student, or school doesn’t figure into your lifestyle — there’s no denying it. Your average day’s schedule in July and August is different than your average day in September. Especially in Wilton, which can resemble an old Western ghost town, complete with tumbleweed, for the month of August.

Churches and synagogues change schedules, community organizations slow down their activities, and town boards and commissions also maintain a quieter, less frequent meeting schedule.

There is less traffic on Route 7, fewer lines at the supermarket, and quieter crowds at restaurants.

So while this time of year is generally called “back to school” season, it’s more like “back to routine” for all of us — but, at the same time, our lives hit restart, and it feels like a new beginning.

Wilton’s schools also face a new beginning — and new challenges as the school population dwindles — including a newly renovated Miller Driscoll School that pre-kindergarteners through second graders will set foot in for the first time next Tuesday, Sept. 6.

As we watch youngsters get on the bus for the first time, let’s take a mental snapshot of the gait of his or her walk, the proud smile on his or her face. No less engaging are our sixth graders tackling the new world of middle school, or our high school freshmen putting on a brave face despite feeling the same anxiety we feel churning in our stomach, remember the moment.

Live in, and enjoy the moment.