Editorial: Running for families

This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Each year some 600 children in Connecticut receive some form of treatment for cancer. As devastating as a cancer diagnosis is for an adult, consider the impact when it is a child who is sick.

There are only two hospitals in this state that can treat them: Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. If you don’t live nearby, getting treatment becomes even more of an ordeal.

Treatment is long and intense. Because children are growing and their cells multiply so rapidly, they need a longer time for remission to become a cure, sometimes as much as three years.

Families often have more than one child. It’s hard on siblings when their brother or sister is sick and requires so much attention from parents.

While doctors and nurses treat the child, Circle of Care right here in Wilton looks after the whole family with support. From the day of diagnosis, through treatment, and after, Circle of Care is there, no matter what, with emotional, financial, and respite support for the child, their siblings, their parents.

On Sunday, Sept. 23, volunteers and supporters will gather on the Town Green in Wilton Center to participate in a fund-raising 5K and fun run. The Bulletin is the event’s media sponsor. There is still time to join in. Visit thecircleofcare.org and consider lending a hand not only to them but to families who could be your neighbors.