Editorial: Remembering, again

Safe in a Connecticut suburb — enjoying the late summer weather, watching a kids soccer game, working at a tidy office desk — the falling towers can seem long ago. It’s been 13 years.

But Wilton has not forgotten. Earlier today we honored the lives lost. Members of the community — along with fire, police and ambulance personnel and local officials — gathered at the firehouse on Danbury Road to remember.

So much has changed since Wilton awoke to blue skies on Sept. 11, 2001. That day brought wholesale death, world-changing shock. And Americans went to bed with fear, tears, terror and confusion.

There followed wars — Afghanistan, Iraq. And terrorism metastasizing, with attacks in London, Madrid, Indonesia, Africa. Then the Arab spring, tumult and revolutions betrayed. Now beheadings.

The madness goes on.

A weary American knows war is not always the best response, and there are no easy answers.

Our memorials remind us not only of those we have lost but of the questions we cannot answer.

Perhaps the best we can do is pay tribute to those who did not awaken that day expecting to die heroes, as well as those who serve now, knowing each day holds the same possibility.

At ceremonies like those this morning, we stand together. We remember.