Editorial: Primary polls

Connecticut faces a critical election this November, but the challenges lie ahead well before that with the August primaries.

August is generally a ghost town, at least in Fairfield County. It’s the time of year when most plan vacations or visit their summer homes. Summer camp enrollments decline and businesses struggle as residents flee to their summer destinations.

Historically, the mid-August primaries has been low in terms of participation — even in a gubernatorial election year. This year is even more important however, because Gov. Dan Malloy is not running for a third term. The lack of an incumbent candidate makes this year’s gubernatorial race much more of a jump ball. But before the players take the court, the voters decide on their teams.

Democrats face a challenge to hold onto state leadership. Republicans have a chance to gain it.

Regardless of your party, the Aug. 14 primaries should not be brushed off. There are many candidates vying to be their party’s standard bearer. As we have learned repeatedly, no election outcome can be taken for granted. Every vote counts.

There is no election day registration for primaries.

  • New voter registration deadlines are Aug. 9 — by mail or online—and Aug. 13 by noon in person.

  • Unaffiliated voters may enroll in a party by Aug. 9 — by mail — or by Aug. 13 by noon in person.

For the Aug. 14 primaries, all three polling places will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • District 1 at Wilton High School Clune Center.

  • District 2 at Cider Mill School Main Gym.

  • District 3 at Middlebrook School Gym.

Absentee ballots and applications are available in the town clerk's’ office. Applications may also be printed out at wiltonct.org. To check your voter status and to find out where you should vote, visit the registrars of voters page on the town website. Questions may be directed to the registrars of voters at 203-563-0111.

We get the government we choose. Don’t let others choose it for you. Democracy is a privilege. Don’t squander it so you can have a day at the beach. Fall is right around the corner and by then it is too late.