Editorial: No flying snow

There is one month of winter left, plenty of time for more snow to fall and plenty of time for people to remember their “snow etiquette.”
After clearing any sidewalks, the path to your porch for visitors or delivery people, and the path to your oil intake valve, think about cleaning off your car. If your car is kept parked outside, don’t forget to clean its roof of snow before venturing out onto the road. While snow and ice flying off a car can cause a serious accident for those behind it, it can also be hazardous to the person driving. On a recent day a car driving along a busy road stopped short. The snow on its roof flew forward onto the windshield, obliterating the driver’s view. Taking a few moments to clean off the car will be well worth the effort, especially to avoid a collision.
And while you are at it, if you live near a fire hydrant, please make sure it is clear of snow. No one wants to see firefighters wasting time to free up a hydrant so they can attach a hose.