Editorial: Making connections

These recent weeks have given us a wonderful opportunity to consider our place on our planet.

Spring, of course, is a time of renewal, and we have seen that taking place right before our eyes in the greening up of grass, blossoming of flowers and trees, birdsong, and peeping of woodland frogs.

We have recently celebrated Easter and Passover, the time for some of us to examine our faith and how we came to be where we are spiritually.

Finally, here in Wilton, we are observing Earth Day in many ways, as was documented in this space last week, by taking seriously our roles as stewards of our patch of the Earth.

Given all of this, it is an excellent time to consider just where we are, who has come before us, and who will succeed us. We are but a tiny speck on a timeline of humanity. The air we breathe is the same air breathed by Moses, Buddha, Jesus. The earth we walk upon is the same earth walked upon by Caesar, Columbus, Muhammad.

We share a connection with our forebears, although sometimes it is hard to believe. History, no matter how many movies we see or books we read, can sometimes seem unreal. This is a time for us to stop, think about our connection to the past, take what we can from those who came before, and think about what we will leave to those who come after us. What will they think of us when they breathe the air we breathed and walk the ground we trod upon?