Editorial: Looking for answers

When students walked out of Wilton High School on March 14 — along with thousands of their counterparts across the country — many thought their outrage over school shootings would peter out. Think again.

Connecticut Teens Against Gun Violence have put together a town-hall style meeting on Saturday afternoon at the Wilton High School Little Theater. They have invited state Sen. Toni Boucher, a Republican who represents Wilton in the 26th state Senate district, and Will Haskell, her Democratic opponent in this November’s election. To their credit, they have accepted the invitation.

The event will focus not only on guns but other issues facing young people today such as the cost of attending college, mental health in schools, and more. The students are to be commended for planning an event such as this and the community should support them by attending, hearing their concerns, and asking questions. Let’s look at their initiative as a dividend of our investment in their education.

While Wilton is rightly concerned about its children, it seems it’s always the adults who do the talking — in the voting booth, at town meetings, and on social media, although here the kids are able to get a few words in.

In a perfect world these conversations would take place frequently — around the dinner table; in church, temple or mosque; at social events — with people of all generations together. But this is not a perfect world. The conversations are important. Listening — more than talking — is important. An event such as this can help us look at an issue through a different set of eyes. It doesn’t mean you have to change your mind. You just have to open your mind.

Here’s hoping the word will spread around Fairfield County and beyond, and more meetings like this take place.