Editorial: Lock ’em up!

Wilton has consistently made it onto lists of the safest places in Connecticut to live, but people still need to be realistic about the world today and take precautions, particularly locking car doors.

It seems that every week the police are called out to investigate motor vehicle burglaries. Three more incidents occurred on Monday. In fact, nearly 50 cars have been burglarized so far this year, more than last year.

In most cases, these cars were easy pickings because they were left unlocked. Sometimes the cars were locked but a purse or other valuables were left in plain sight. Bold thieves perform a smash and grab, breaking the window and absconding with the goods. All valuables should be locked out of sight — even something as innocuous as a gym bag can be tempting to someone with bad intentions.

As The Bulletin reported earlier this month, car thefts are up as well. Sometimes the keys were in the car. It’s hard to believe but people will leave their car running while they run into a store for a cup of coffee or other quick purchase. It might be to leave the air conditioning or heater on, but in addition to polluting — there are “no idling” signs all over town — this is just asking for someone to get in and go.

Police report a huge increase statewide of young people stealing cars for joyrides. Many of these end up in Connecticut’s cities, no doubt the worse for wear and tear.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice brought this matter up at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Aug. 20. She correctly called upon residents to lock their car doors, remove valuables from their vehicles, and also take steps to protect their homes by not letting newspapers and mail pile up when they are on vacation.

She advised families who take vacations to alert the police to their absence so officers can check on the property.

Save yourself the headache and the heartache. Lock your car doors and take the keys in with you.