Editorial: Join the party

Life is not a spectator sport.

Last Saturday, Wilton sent 290 of its young men and women off to a new world as they said farewell to high school. The speakers who addressed them encouraged them to embrace their futures as they built new relationships and made their mark on their social and professional communities.

It is advice to be taken by all of us, not just our new graduates.

Despite its spread-out nature, Wilton still has many small-town attributes.

People know one another. There is a great spirit of generosity. And, there is a strong core of volunteerism. Wiltonians are also smart and insightful, but all too often not willing to speak up.

There often seems to be a sense of complacency. Remember that 9.6% turnout for the budget vote in May?

It could just be we see a problem — or a solution — but assume someone else will take it to the boards of selectmen, education or finance, or the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Or we assume someone else will write that letter to the editor that will get our readers talking and thinking about a different way to do business in Wilton.

Don’t leave your ideas up to someone else to write up or speak about. Don’t wait, for example, until the budget has gone through all but its final steps in town and school government before you share your thoughts on it. By then it is often too late, just based on the steps the state and town charters require.

Do you have an idea that will make Wilton better? Do you see a way to fulfill a need?

Don’t keep your brilliant ideas to yourself. Share them with us all. You just might be able to help Wilton be even better.

Send us a letter at editor@wiltonbulletin.com. Be direct and to the point in less than 500 words, and get it to us by noon on a Tuesday.

Or venture out one evening to a town board or commission meeting. Most meetings have a public comment period.

Get involved. Being part of a small town is not for spectators.