Editorial: It takes one to start

Middlebrook School’s Power of One program is an inspiration to those of us who sometimes feel defeated by the enormity of problems on our planet, in our country, even in our community. But we can chip away at some pretty big problems by cutting them into reasonable chunks.
Patrick Cummins, a seventh grader, is doing that with hunger. He has recruited fellow classmates to undertake a Stop Hunger Now event with the goal of packaging more than 20,000 meals for hungry children somewhere in the world. While Patrick’s project is very elaborate, he is not alone in his efforts. Each year seventh graders work on making a positive impact in the community with one project or another.
Alex Scaperotta, a junior at Wilton High School, was recognized in a ceremony at town hall Wednesday for his efforts in bringing the Connecticut Green LEAF Schools program to the high school and middle school. The program will put the schools on the path to greater sustainability.
There are several events coming in Wilton that encourage the rest of us to do the same — make a positive impact.
Wilton Go Green presents its annual Wilton Go Green Festival on May 3, with numerous ways on how to tread more gently on the planet through recycling, energy conservation, green construction, eco-friendly transportation, and more. The organization has been busy with projects promoting greener businesses in Wilton and backing Alex up with his Green Leaf endeavor. We can do our part by making an effort to reduce our individual carbon footprint. Turn out a light, shop with reusable bags, recycle, don’t waste gas, energy or food.
Wilton’s Tree Committee is committed to educating the community about the importance of trees. Trees — properly planted — nurture the environment by providing cooling shade in summer and a windbreak in winter. They filter the air and provide a habitat for animals that eat pests.
Ambler Farm’s organically grown herbs, some of which will be for sale at the Wilton Garden Club’s Mother’s Day Plant Sale, eliminate the need for synthetic pesticides and herbicides.
All water flows downstream, and every step one person takes helps us all.