Editorial: Go

Commence. Begin. Start. Set forth. Move on. Go.

Wilton High School will hold commencement exercises on Saturday, June 21, marking the end of an era for the class of 2014, and — more importantly — the beginning of another.

The graduates are on a new and exciting journey, certificates in hand attesting to years of hard work and growth. Though they step off at exactly the same moment in time, each member of the class of 2014 begins a different journey and will travel a markedly different path.

Wilton’s graduates are well prepared for their trip. Though they embark down an unknown road toward an unknown future, they are not without the comforting cloak of certainty.

They know they have been well cared for by their families, their educators, and their community; they know they have a solid foundation of basic skills — reading, writing, math, science, history; they know they also have valuable “21st Century skills” to help them navigate the technological mazes of the present and future; and they know they have been exposed to and enriched by experiences with art and music, athletics, community service, and more.

Wilton graduates are beginning the next phase of their lives able to lead others into the future, not simply having to follow the masses into the unknown. They are able to shape the future because they have been given the gift of learning how to think, how to process vast amounts of information, how to creatively make sense of the world as it exists and as it could be.

In teaching them how to problem solve, the Wilton school district has given these young adults the ability to never be stuck, to never have to settle, to be able to not just accept change, but create it.

May the graduates use this gift to begin the next stage of long and happy lives; to begin to learn new things; to start being who they are meant to be; to set forth from home knowing it will always be part of who they are; to move on from childhood into adulthood.

Ready? Go.