Editorial: Getting informed

All those who serve on Wilton’s municipal boards and commissions are being invited to an educational session on the Freedom of Information Act on Oct. 28, at town hall. First Selectman Bill Brennan gave notice at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Oct. 6.

Town officials are to be commended for taking recent FOI lapses seriously and planning this meeting with Tom Hennick, an attorney and public education officer with the state FOI office.

It is vital that not only are official meetings properly conducted but that information is disseminated to the public in an appropriate and timely manner.

Our volunteer board and commission members, who so willingly answer the call to serve their town, are heartily encouraged to make the time to attend this all-important meeting.

Mr. Brennan has also asked the chairs of each board and commission to ensure their members have been sworn in and sign their ethics statements. This is another fundamental obligation that cannot be put off.