Editorial: Fresh voices

Today The Bulletin introduces a new column, Warriors on the Issues, written by members of Wilton High School’s Model Congress. It is planned as a limited run — from now until the November election — touching on some of the most significant issues faced by our presidential candidates. Their opening salvo is especially timely — gun legislation.

Last month three members of the club approached The Bulletin about writing a column. They described the Model Congress as an organization made up of students interested in public policy. Their primary goal is to promote political activity among students and adults in the Wilton community.

The Bulletin has embraced this offer as an opportunity to hear from a generation that will very soon be at our polling places and before we know it stepping into the shoes of leadership. The plan is for them to submit six columns between now and late October.

We look forward to hearing their take on education, social issues, and perhaps even foreign affairs. It will give us a look at how some of our high school students are thinking, and perhaps will get more students interested in how democracy works as well.

Perhaps after the November election they will drill down to the bedrock of democracy and attend a Board of Selectmen meeting!