Editorial: Eye on the prize

As the media landscape continues a transformation throughout the world and here in town, we have our attention on our 24/7 WiltonBulletin.com as much as on our beloved weekly print edition. It is a more immediate world, to be sure, and the pace is not likely to slow.
The challenges to the local news business are not new, they are just more frequent — accuracy and presenting a well-balanced mix of Wilton-specific news, information and features.
As we work, gather, decipher, write, photograph, edit, process, and post stories daily — yes, sometimes frenetically — it is comforting to be recognized for work well done. But that is not why we do the work we do.
Yes, we sometimes make mistakes, but you can count on all of us here to keep our eyes on the true prize — quality journalism, first and foremost, delivered effectively to an avid readership — regardless of the form in which it is presented.