Editorial: An opportunity to speak out

Whether you are an advocate for a revote on the Miller-Driscoll renovation, or an advocate for the building’s renovation as approved in September, joining the Board of Selectmen’s Tuesday, Feb. 17, discussion on the topic is imperative.

That the board has planned to hold a public discussion on the debate should be reason enough to lend your voice next Tuesday at 7:30 in Town Hall Meeting Room B.

Perhaps we can resolve this issue and move on in one direction or the other.

Sensible Wilton has long alleged the school’s $50-million renovation plan was passed in an election tarnished by illegal advocacy by town and school officials.

State elections officials have launched an investigation into the town’s involvement in the leadup to the vote, and the activist group has filed a petition asking for a town meeting and ultimately a total revote on the project. Sensible Wilton says its petition has been signed by more than 1,000 residents.

Town leaders have repeatedly denied the vote was unfair, and have said the group’s petition request for a revote is not allowed under Wilton’s charter regulations.

Next Tuesday’s meeting will surely be contentious, as both sides are advocating for something they feel is important — whether it’s the best possible education for our youngest students, or a revote on a project that has been controversial since its passing.

If you feel strongly enough to have an opinion on either side of the equation, for or against, it’s in the town’s best interest that your voice be heard on the record.

This issue needs to be resolved..