Editorial: Amerigo’s vision

The future is a new land.
Wilton faces challenges and decisions in the coming year. Most seem manageable. Present a budget that keeps taxes in line. Boost our economic development. Keep the Miller-Driscoll renovation project on track.
But the year is still new and stretches out ahead. Tomorrow’s waters are uncharted, and depths may hold surprises — good ones, we hope.
With 2016 still more glimmer on the horizon than familiar port of call, consider words written in 1502 by Amerigo Vespucci, who had sailed west from Europe and found himself on what is today the coast of Brazil: “This land is very pleasing, full of an infinite number of very tall trees which never lose their leaves and throughout the year are fragrant with the sweetest aromas and yield an endless supply of fruits, many of which are good to taste and conducive to bodily health. The fields produce many herbs and flowers and most delicious and wholesome roots. Sometimes I was so wonder-struck by the fragrant smells of the herbs and flowers and the savour of the fruits and the roots that I fancied myself near the Terrestrial Paradise. What shall we say of the multitude of birds and their plumes and colours and singing and their numbers and their beauty? I am unwilling to enlarge upon this description, because I doubt if I would be believed.”
Wilton may not be paradise, but it is a bountiful, beautiful place to live.
The future holds much promise. The future is a new land.