Editorial: A close call

To those who are disappointed this week’s storm did not live up to its hype, did you really want to get hammered with three feet of snow?

Did you want a week of power outages in sub-freezing temperatures?

Did you want to worry about your roof collapsing or your pipes freezing?

The storm we got was bad enough to warrant all the precautions that were taken. Schools rightly dismissed early Monday and there was no way they should have gone to class Tuesday.

Businesses and institutions like Wilton Library and the Wilton Y were right to close early Monday and stay closed Tuesday, helping to ensure people would stay off the roads.

Having those roads empty meant Wilton’s DPW could do its job of plowing and sanding more effectively, without having to dodge disabled vehicles stuck because of snow or ice.

State roads were closed as well for the overnight, allowing state DOT workers to do their jobs as safely and effectively as well.

The residents of Wilton, who presumably stayed snug in their warm, well-lit homes, owe a big thank-you to those DPW workers as well as the police, firefighters, EMS volunteers and CERT volunteers who left their homes to be at the ready to help anyone in need.

It is frustrating when a weather forecast is fumbled, but weather is tricky and computerized weather models cannot always accurately predict every move Mother Nature makes. At least in this case, it worked in our favor.

Now it is back to business as usual. The kids are in school. Adults are at work. Our community organizations and programs are up and running.

Before we get completely back in our personal grooves there is one thing you can do that could be a real lifesaver. If you live near a fire hydrant that is buried in snow, please dig it out. Dig out a three-foot radius around it.

Just in case. You never know.