Letter: Special ed comments uncalled for


To the Editors: I would like to address comments made by Walter Kress at the April 3 Board of Finance meeting. As a parent of three Wilton school children, one of whom receives special education services, I am upset by Mr. Kress’s generalizations, assumptions and frankly, his offensive personal comments. First, his comments alleging lack of preparedness by parents and … read more

Cannon Road hearing continued


The Planning and Zoning Commission April 9 continued the contentious public hearing on the proposed subdivision plan for Cannon Road to April 23. The purpose of the extension is so that the applicant can answer questions raised by the commissioners, and to have more of the commissioners present, said J. Casey Healy, attorney for the applicant. Several commissioners, including the … read more

Cannon Road site walk draws crowd


The Planning and Zoning Commission’s site walk for the proposed subdivision on Cannon Road was the equivalent of a record breaker, drawing about 20 citizens on a cold afternoon. “Traditionally, this is one of the larger gatherings of the public, which is good, because you want public involvement in local government,” said Bob Nerney, the town’s planning director, the day … read more

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