International Women’s Day: Progress and renewed commitment to equality for young girls everywhere


On International Women’s Day, I’d like to reflect on all the things women have accomplished, but also recognize the progress that still needs to be made. The U.S. Department of Labor says that women make up 47 percent of the workforce and that women’s unemployment is presently 4.8 percent, down from a high of 9 percent in 2010. Women also … read more

Op-Ed: Why nonprofits need charitable support

New Canaan: Many essential services in every community are provided by local nonprofits. In fact, our economy is like a three-legged stool, a balance of three sectors: for-profit (businesses that exist to earn a profit), public or government (municipal, state, and federal) and nonprofit organizations (mission-driven businesses that provide a community service and meet a social need). All businesses operate … read more

Notes from the Board Table: State education mandate relief — thank you, Hartford


Usually when I take the time to update our community on an education matter coming out of Hartford, it’s bad news. And heaven knows the current budget debacle and fiscal uncertainty provide enough fodder to fill plenty of pages. Instead though, I wanted to reach out and inform you about something good that came out of Hartford earlier this summer. … read more

OPINION: Hate cannot win

Senator Tony Hwang

The events that took place in Charlottesville this past weekend were, first and foremost, reprehensible, evil, and horrifying. Hate cannot and will not be tolerated by the American people. Our society is built on the very differences that cowards and bigots seek to exploit, magnify, and demonize. The American people and the people of Connecticut have always striven to remain … read more

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