Conscious Cook: Let in some sunshine

“So let the sunshine in. Face it with a grin. Smilers never lose. And frowners never win. So let the sunshine in.” — Milk & Sugar Swirling snowstorms, ice-slicked roads, tumbling temperatures and it’s only January! Right about now, many conscious cooks begin to pine for the warmth and radiance of summer sunshine. When frigid days and nights are pervasive, … read more

Conscious Cook: Slow and steady

“January is here, with eyes that keenly glow, A frost-mailed warrior Striding a shadowy steed of snow.” — Edgar Fawcett The New Year is here, and with it, a desire to detox and decompress from the mega merrymaking of the holidays. Refreshing, restoring and rejuvenating the body and mind becomes of paramount importance with the beginning of a new year. … read more

Conscious Cook: The glory of a new year

“Glory to God in highest heaven, Who unto man his Son hath given; While angels sing with tender mirth, A glad new year to all the earth.” — Martin Luther New Year’s Eve is a glorious occasion to reflect upon the past year, to cherish fond memories, acknowledge important events, and be humbled and educated by challenging moments. With the … read more

Food: Holiday bonding with the oven

Ah, December, a month when it seems that everyone and their mother, their grandmother and their estranged, ferret-obsessed great aunt is trying to push their festive desserts on you. I won’t lie. I’m guilty of coming into the office with a platter of cookies or small cakes to foist on my co-workers. Partially because they’re wonderful people and partially because … read more

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