Twins Judy & Joy: Healthy take on Mom’s chocolate pudding

There is nothing better than a bowl of thick, rich, silky chocolate pudding. It is an absolute favorite dessert of our Mom. She often tells us of the homemade puddings her mother would make for the family and how she would beat the mixture until thick and shiny over and over and all by hand! But what if we could … read more

Twins Judy & Joy: Summer day trip to farm just peachy!

It was a perfect summer day for a trip to some of our favorite family farms, a warm summer morning, hazy, hot and very humid. We headed up to South Glastonbury and found five family farms, all different but all very beautiful. Judy and I decide to stroll into the orchards to find the best fruits and vegetables we can … read more

Twins Judy & Joy: Tempo perfetto for a colorful salad

Traditionally, the colorful Sicilian Orange Salad is served at the holiday table. But as a favorite of Judy and I, and our families, we seem to be preparing this sweet salad a bit more! The different oranges used creates a stunning color wheel design. Summers are perfect for salads — big and gorgeous and creatively filled with all fruits and … read more

Twins Judy & Joy: It’s time to start grillin’ and chillin’

Summer is here and that means lots of grillin’ and hopefully chillin’! If you haven’t tried corn roasted on the grill you should. It’s amazing! As soon as our Mom sees the first ear of corn in the grocery store, she tells us the same story she has been telling us for years. Of course, we don’t say anything and … read more

Twins Judy & Joy: Chocolate: Mom’s ultimate passion

It is early morning and the house is very still. The sun is starting to rise, and I can feel its warmth through the window of the kitchen door. “Wow, where are all the fingerprints? Someone must have cleaned it before they went to bed.” What a great way to start Mother’s Day,” I say to myself. “Somebody actually did … read more

Twins Judy & Joy: Beets are flavorful root veggie, good for you

One of my favorite root veggies is the sweet, earthy, colorful beet. My husband loves them too. Most people are not that familiar with fresh beets and have no idea how to prepare them. Actually it is very simple. Beets also happen to be super healthy. They contain powerful nutrients that help protect against heart disease, birth defects and colon … read more

Twins Judy and Joy: For the Irish, and their fans

Everyone likes to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and be Irish even if it is for just one day.  When we were children, our father would always stop at the local bakery and bring home the best green bagels, still hot with the steam pouring from the bag and “just out of the oven” Irish soda bread. One soda bread was … read more

Twins Judy and Joy: Thanks, Nana!

With the temperatures almost reaching 60 degrees the past few days, Judy and I are so hopeful that spring is just about here. For some reason this year I cannot wait and yet we really can’t complain; we have had a mild winter here in the Northeast. The warm sun, the birds chirping, my garden, outdoor dining … hurry please! … read more

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