Wrestling: Longo captures FCIAC crown; Wilton fifth

Wilton High junior Travis Longo won the FCIAC wrestling championship at 106 pounds on Saturday at New Canaan High School, scoring a 6-0 win over Tyler Johnson of Danbury in the finals. Longo, who improved to 25-0 on the season, advanced to the finals with a pair of first-period pins. Two other Warriors reached the finals, but suffered heartbreaking losses. … read more

Wilton gymnasts host state championships

During the weekend of April 1-2, the Wilton Y Gymnastics Team hosted the 2017 Connecticut State Gymnastics Championships. Almost 500 gymnasts competed in Wilton during the two-day event. In a lengthy and highly emotional meet, with very tough judging, the gymnasts rallied to perform and support one another, displaying the heart and spirit of true competitors. Overall, the Levels 3 … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Germs vs. politeness

I was introduced to someone who had just sneezed into his hand. He immediately stuck out that hand for a handshake. Gak. I pretended I didn’t see it and just greeted him politely. Was that okay? Well, no. It really is rude to ignore a handshake, so shake you should have, but then it would be fine to excuse yourself … read more

A Question of Etiquette: So, what are good manners?

  I’m 13 and fed up because my parents are always nagging me about manners. They said it was up to me to learn what that means since they’ve “tried to teach me and I’ve ignored them.” So what does this mean?   Well, attitude has a lot to do with good manners. For example, instead of demanding here, “So … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Celebrating a centennial

If the invitation gives no guidance, what would be an appropriate gift for a 100th birthday party? Don’t let the age of the birthday celebrant affect your creativity. Instead, think about his or her lifestyle; considering whether he or she lives independently, or with family, or in a care facility can help you determine what would be a great gift. … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Dealing with nosy guests

What do you think about guests at a party who look in your medicine cabinet? I think it’s intrusive, and I would never do that, but I’ve found that more than one person has opened up cabinets in our bathroom. Isn’t that pretty rude? It certainly is snoopy. A survey conducted last year reported that at least 25% of people … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Political discord!

Help me, Please! Both at work and in social situations there have been contentious conversations centering on politics. I have my own, very strong opinion, but find that expressing it, when asked, unleashes awful replies from those who believe differently than I do. How do I extricate myself without just stomping off so as to avoid what always turns out … read more

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